Diane Hause – Artist Statement

Diane Hause and her dog, Monkey, in the 2Ten Haustudio Gallery

Beyond “subject” my intent is bent on closing in on what I feel is “listening” to a piece of work. This listening takes place previous to and during the creative process. I try to pay attention to any kind of “hunch.” This hunch can present itself as in a synchronistic event, a recurring “coincidence” or perhaps even in a foretelling dream. This listening feels like a restlessness that cannot be ignored and is only put to rest when I heed, acknowledge and allow it to find expression through me.

I am intrigued with the concepts of synchronicity, the collective unconscious and stories found in mythology and lore. These interests lend themselves to some of the symbolism and archetypal imagery that finds its way into my work. My paintings tend to reference the history of civilization while seeking a coalition between these meaning-laden symbols of ancient and modern times. I wish to reinforce a sense of timelessness while allowing the viewer the opportunity to make his or her own connection between the past and the present.

I have discovered a sensation of clear awareness and acknowledgement to “Existence” and “Existing” while painting. This usually contains a sense of well being, of feeling that things-are-the-way- they-are-meant-to-be. This sensation of well being can be sustained at great lengths during the creative process. I can’t think of anything that pleases me more.
— Diane Hause

“…Her art feels as though the artist is using her work in a fundamental way, like crop circles on the ground or cave paintings on a wall, in hopes of communicating with someone or something larger than herself.”
— Felicia Feaster for Creative Loafing

“…Hause intertwines the symbols associated with spiritual beliefs amongst images from recent world events in her paintings and posits a possibility for coexistence based on hope and acceptance.

The arc that has brought Hause’s work to this point was proceeded by an earlier series on Afghanistan women which originated in a dream occurring long before the events of September 11 put the US and Afghanistan on a collision course. Her work intuitively touches on those places, both literal and sociological, in which there are so many layers and opposing interests that it seems impossible to find truth. Yet her images poignantly reflect her ability to “see the beauty in anyone who believes.”
— Julie Stuart, Press Release, Atlanta, GA

Diane Hause’s painting “Torii Gateway,” at Haustudio, portrays a Sikh holy book and a Buddhist lotus above a Shinto gateway that opens out onto the stars. That combination of Eastern and South Asian religions is just one of the provocative matchups in her solo show “A Convergence of Faiths,” which offers an amazing number of fresh perspectives on the world’s religions and how they unite as well as separate us. Hause has the good sense to bring it all together while keeping it a little bit apart, so that this show isn’t an indiscriminate mush of religious symbolism. But she tries to suggest that the different paths, including simple cosmic wonder, can be put into conversation that reveals, in fact, convergence.
— Jerry Cullum for The Atlanta-Journal Constitution

Partial List of Collectors:

  • Joyce Norman, MD, Atlanta, GA
  • Bonnie Buchanan, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, University of Georgia, Athens, GA
  • John Sass, Ph.D., Tucker, GA
  • Robert Licata, MD, Roswell, GA
  • Gail Tassell, Atlanta, GA
  • Clare Martorana, Atlanta, GA
  • Donna Stark, Ph.D., Office to the Governor, Baltimore, Md.
  • Steve Shapario, Esq., Professor, University of Baltimore, School of Law, Baltimore, MD
  • Gerhardt Fatzer, Ph.D., Professor and author, Switzerland
  • Marjorie Rifkin, Ph.D., Washington, DC
  • Robert Hutchins, Esq., Washington, DC
  • Dr. Carolyn Reed, Tampa, FL
  • Nancy Ping, Ph.D., Professor of Music, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Wilmington, NC
  • Dennis Robbins, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, University of Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Lorainne Leuft, Professor of Music Theory, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Wilmington, NC
  • Betty Croom, MD, Wilmington, NC
  • Joan Bourne, District Attorney, New York, NY
  • Dagmar Perry, New York, NY
  • John Walter, New York, NY
  • Dr. Stanley Glenn, Professor of Theatre, University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Judy Lombardi, Ph.D., Baltimore, MD
  • Beverly Margolis, Baltimore, MD
  • Cynthia Agliano, Winter park, FL
  • Ilene Nathan, District Attorney, Baltimore, MD
  • Linda Jones, Columbia, MD
  • Soon Wagner, Baltimore, MD
  • Don Gorman, Owner of Puffin’s Restaurant, Baltimore, MD
  • Kelly Hyde, Ph.D., Phoenix, AZ
  • Jessie DuVall, Olympia, WA
  • Halcyon LaPoint, Billings, Montana
  • Linda Wang, Atlanta, GA
  • Lalor Cadley, Atlanta, GA
  • Carl Black, Atlanta, GA
  • Noreen Kloc, Atlanta, GA

Partial List of Artwork in Private Collections:

  • University of Baltimore, School of Law, Baltimore, MD
  • Matilda Koval Medical Center, Baltimore, MD
  • Young People’s Health Connection, Baltimore, MD
  • Faith Christian Center, Baltimore, MD
  • Zion Towers, Baltimore, MD
  • Brunswick Recreation Center, Baltimore, MD
  • Flagstaff Commercial Center, Flagstaff, AZ
  • Rio Bravo Mexican Restaurant, Tampa, FL
  • Lin Garden Chinese Restaurant, Tampa, FL
  • Antiques of Tampa, Tampa, FL
  • Carrollwood Cafe, Tampa, FL
  • Independence Mall, Wilmington, NC

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