Artist Bio – Diane Hause, 1952 – 2017

Artist Diane Hause with her artworkArtist, Diane Hause is a native of New York who moved to Wilmington, North Carolina almost 40 years ago.  She graduated from UNC-W in 1978 with her B.F.A. in painting. Ms. Hause credits her theorist knowledge and vivid use of color to her 4 years of study with Claude Howell, her professor at that time.  Diane has lived in Phoenix, Baltimore, Tampa, Santa Barbara (where she attended graduate school and received her M.F.A. at UC-Santa Barbara) and most recently Atlanta but is returning to North Carolina after 30+ years.

While living in Atlanta, Ms. Hause was a professor at The Atlanta College of Art teaching Fundamental Drawing, Collage and Color Theory. In 1999, Diane bought and renovated a century old warehouse in downtown Atlanta to open 3TEN HAUSTUDIO located at 310 Peters Street, the main street to run through the heart of the oldest warehouse district in Atlanta known as Historic Castleberry Hill. 3TEN operated as a working studio but also as an alternative exhibition space where Diane hosted dozens of benefits and Art events that covered a spectrum from a collaboration with Eve Ensler, playwright and activist, an exhibit and benefit for “The Lost Boys of Sudan” of which about 50 “Lost Boys” attended Opening night, a benefit for Women Navajo Weavers of Utah that involved a night of Navajo Hoop dancing, storytelling and flute playing.

Ms. Hause was credited with being an original pioneer, one that hosted such memorably diverse and widely attended events and Art Openings, that led Castleberry Hill to become a destination place.  This inspired dozens of other artists and galleries to also move to the “hood” to renovate spaces that eventually had The New York Times boasting Castleberry Hill as the “Arts District of Atlanta” and referenced it as being “The Chelsea of the South”.

“Diane Hause is one of those Castleberry Hill pioneers. In 1999, she converted an automotive warehouse in the downtown neighborhood into a studio/exhibition space, which now features a 20-year retrospective of her multifarious work. She makes large expressionist canvases, using a vivid palette and stylized forms, figure drawings, prints and collages. Her sources include her often prescient dreams and contemporary politics. She exhibits a spiritual bent.”
— Catherine Fox for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“When I saw the beautiful and poignant imagery in Diane Hause’s artwork, I knew she had that deeper understanding of the relevance of the situation of the women in Afghanistan to the issue of violence against women in the world.”
— Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues, Necessary Targets and The Good Body

“One unique emergence to 3TEN HAUSTUDIO has been the extension of the studio as a place for hosting various fundraising benefits and events. “Diane Hause is a Castleberry neighbor whose curating suggests a kind of grassroots activism. Her openings become multimedia events that combine musical performances, spoken word, ethnic cooking and fundraising for causes from Sudan’s “Lost Boys,” to Navajo weavers and Afghan women.”
— Felicia Feaster, Creative Loafing

“Studio Sweepings” was a non-competitive group exhibition that was all inclusive as well as offering the opportunity for artists to share in the giving and thus, rewarding aspect to a fundraising benefit. “Studio Sweepings is an art party and ought to be a good time, but this is also a party with a purpose. Artist  Diane Hause, who frequently opens her studio for benefits, is raising money for Coffee Kids. She’s hit on a novel idea. Hause gave artists a 12 by 16 inch plastic coffee bag and asked them to fill it with stuff around their studios or to make a piece that would fit in the bag. It turns out this was the kind of challenge to get the creative juices going. More than 100 artists responded.”
— Catherine Fox for The Atlanta-Journal Constitution

Diane may have changed the name of her current Art Studio, dropping the 3TEN of 310 Peters Street and morphing it to 2TEN for its new location on Hwy 210, but the intent is the same. As an artist, Diane Hause is involved with the creative process and following it wherever it may lead. Currently it has led her into the woods where hummingbirds fly with abandon, owls hoot at night with thousands of stars visible to the naked eye, butterflies flutter intoxicated from collecting pollen from the 5 acres of wildflowers recently planted at the studio, and deer are known to run in herds through the property. This is a new chapter for an artist that views this next stage, not necessarily as coming full circle, but more like moving in a spiral toward the center and back out again.

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