Allure of Sameness Through Sky, Moon

“The Same Sky, The Same Moon, Even Over Istanbul” is a new series by Diane Hause at her 3Ten Haustudio in Castleberry Hill. The dozen 9-inch-by-12-inch paintings came from the sight of the moon visible in the afternoon sky over North Carolina.

Thinking, “This is the same sky, the same moon, even over Istanbul,” Hause set out to produce a visionary world tour with the full moon in a blue sky over various locales. As she says, the pics of places from Stonehenge in Great Britain to Sudan to Iraq are reminders that we live under one sky and moon, and the same sky and moon that were contemplated by “Plato, Buddha, Galileo, Michelangelo, Christ and Woody Allen…but in the latter case, only over Manhattan.”

The universalism also is affirmed by the appearance of a single bird in each piece, paying homage to the hawk Hause saw in the sky at the time of her realization-but reminding us of sameness even within our differences.

It’s the details that make these pieces work. The opening image in the series is of the Hagia Sophia, the building most identified with Istanbul, and a large mosaic icon of Christ with tiles. The scene isn’t an Istanbul ever seen by a tourist, but it’s a perfect city of the imagination.

The same goes for the rest of the world presided over by this magically imagined moon and sky.

— By Jerry Cullum for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,
VIZARTS Outside The Lines Art On The Edge in Atlanta

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