An Eternity In Ivanhoe:

Diane Hause’s ‘Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes’

“Picture yourself in a boat on a river / with tangerine trees and marmalade skies / Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly / a girl with kaleidoscope eyes.”

Picture yourself not far from the banks of the Black River in Bladen County, standing beneath the airy, 20-foot high ceiling of artist Diane Hause’s 2TEN HAUSTUDIO. The Beatle’s “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” bounces off the tall walls, dimly lit blue. 18 Birchwood panels dotted by a cosmos of purple and green star-like laser lights sprawl in an interconnected array on the back wall, and to your right, a giant 8-foot-long kaleidoscope sits, seemingly pointed off into eternity.

“Girl With Kaliedescope Eyes” is Hause’s latest introspective installation inspired by the insights she has gained from living with stage-four cancer (read more on that here). The show opens with a public reception 7-9 p.m. March 20 at Hause’s Ivanhoe studio/gallery, 2TEN HAUSTUDIO, 15930 Hwy 210 NC East.

Hause created the installation intuitively, working day by day, moment by moment

“The (creative) process emphasis that is just so parallel to living with a terminal illness is that you can bring everything back to the now, and not think about the future,” Hause said. “That is the most helpful place I find to be, as an artist, and with a disease, and really, in reality, if you didn’t have a disease. It’s the best way to live. … We don’t have any guarantees, so I hate to even emphasize (the cancer), because we’re all living on that same timeline, we just don’t when.”

“Girl With Kaliedescope Eyes” is nearly as surreal as “cellophane flowers of yellow and green / towering over your head.” It’s a sort of existential experience, a feeling of towering above life.

“If something takes somebody out of their normal day-to-day experience,” Hause said, “to me, that’s what I want art to do. I want music to do that, I want a play to do that, I want a good book to do that, I want my work to do that. I want to take people out of their day-to-day normal whatever way we live — writing a check for an electrical bill or filling up the gas tank — to take them out of that, remind them that we’re suspended in a universe on a planet.

“It’s pretty profound,” Hause said with a laugh, “as we reach for sunglasses to get that sun out of our eyes from the big ball of fire we depend on.”

What: The opening of “A Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes,” an installation by local artist Diane Hause containing 18 painted and collaged birch wood panels and one giant kaleidoscope.

When: The installation opens with a public reception 7-9 pm March 20. The show is viewable by appointment through April 30.

— Justin Lacy for
March 18, 2015

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