On Friday night, I went to 3Ten Haustudio in downtown’sCastleberry Hill neighborhood for Diane Hause’s Thinly-Veiled Misogyny art show.

First off, I just want to say I admire the boldness someone naming her studio and home after herself. When I buy a house, there’s gonna be a big sign out front that says Fort Cool Andisheh.

The mixed-media show explored the repression of women under Taliban rule. There was even a burka for everyone to try on. My friends and I all liked the wooden sculpture featuring two wooden pillars bound together with rope, hooks and handcuffs. It’s called “Arranged Matrimony.”

The bulk of the work was created before 9-11, but there was one presumably created after 9-11 that I thought very poignant. Titled After 9-11, it featured a burkha-covered woman surrounded by doves, possibly symbolizing that war against the Taliban, despite the bloodshed, would ultimately bring greater peace to Afghan women. While sitting by the hors d’oeuvres table for several minutes, an act of thinly veiled gluttony on my part, I saw Indigo Girl Emily Saliers.

— Andisheh Nouraee for Creative Loafing

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