Chairs Rockin’ the Haustudio

WHAT IT IS: Diane Hause’s “The Presence of Absence” is an installation at her space, 3Ten Haustudio, in the Castleberry arts district.

BACKGROUND: It seems to be the season for rocking chair art. Hause, an artist and alternative space operator, wanted to create an installation that would evoke memory of times past and persons no longer present. She came up with a dozen white rocking chairs, arranged in a white gallery space, behind a white curtain.

She then arranged a grid of rocking chair drawings outside the installation so visitors could mark their presence. The piece is completed by a soundtrack of what Hause describes as waves crashing, wind chimes, seagulls and Yoko Ono.

THE MESSAGE: Hause’s chairs are meant to be sat in and gently rocked while hearing evocative sounds to create a feeling of more than just restfulness. You may be surprised what past experiences come into your mind. These empty chairs in a mostly empty room contain much more than meets the eye.

HOW TO SEE IT: Phone ahead. Hause can have the installation operating in a matter of minutes, but only if she’s on the premises. You should also allow time to fully indulge in the experience.

— Jerry Cullum for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,
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