Exhibiting an Affinity for the Spiritual

Diane Hause is one of those Castleberry pioneers. In 1999, she converted an automotive warehouse in the downtown neighborhood into a studio/exhibition space, which now features a 20-year retrospective of her multifarious work.

She makes large expressionist canvases, using a vivid palette and stylized forms, figure drawings, prints and collages. Her sources include her often prescient dreams and contemporary politics. She exhibits a spiritual bent.

“Convergence,” a particularly effective collage on a circular canvas, is the last of a series called “A Convergence of Faiths.” In this piece, Hause deftly juxtaposes images of the Torah, the Bible and the Quran to create a collision of lettering.

The Western Wall and the skyline of Jerusalem appear in the background. The face of Osama bin Laden is visible under a small plastic dome where the books converge, but Hause, ever the optimist, has painted two doves of peace on the plastic. Hope, she says, is all we have.

— Catherine Fox for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,
Visual Arts: Object Lessons

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