Gateway to a Conversation

Diane Hause’s painting “Torii Gateway,” at Haustudio, portrays a Sikh holy book and a Buddhist lotus above a Shinto gateway that opens out onto the stars. That combination of Eastern and South Asian religions is just one of the provocative matchups in her solo show “A Convergence of Faiths,” which offers an amazing number of fresh perspectives on the world’s religions and how they unite as well as separate us.

This is easiest to see in the show’s title work, which overlaps the sacred texts of the three religions that claim Jerusalem (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), but in some ways the entire exhibition is a single installation, separate artworks themselves unified by the large wall text, from the Sufi poet Rumi, that opens the show, a call for honest encounter. Or, as the Jewish writer Martin Buber put it, “All real living is meeting.”

Hause has the good sense to bring it all together while keeping it a little bit apart, so that this show isn’t an indiscriminate mush of religious symbolism. But she tries to suggest that the different paths, including simple cosmic wonder, can be put into conversation that reveals, in fact, convergence.

— Jerry Cullum for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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