Gender In Motion

YOU MAY NOT HAVE NOTICED, but a few weekends ago the edgier galleries in town knocked themselves out for a rare visit from the annual convention of the College Art Association.

The academicians came and went in a whirlwind of events, but “Gender in Motion,” the juried show of the Women’s Caucus for Art, is still on view through Tuesday at 3Ten Haustudio, Diane Hause’s studio/gallery space in Castleberry.

The show’s of more than academic interest. The WCA was born during the ferment of first-generation feminism. So you may find it educational that so many women remain engaged in the problems of being a female artist — and just of being a woman — without fitting into stereotypes. Many of the WCA’s early feminists have now raised a generation of children, and their art shows us that feminism can be a family value.

Distinguished artist Emma Amos selected a handful of works from hundreds of submissions. She assembled a show that includes everything from Marya Roland’s humorous take on fat to a delicately symbolic sculpture by Gerry Sattele that could be interpreted as dealing with topics from heartbreak to major surgery.

This viewer-friendly show has already appealed to many visitors who would never seek out a show featuring “women’s art,” and should help more people realize that the members of the Women’s Caucus for Art are diverse and independent.

— Jerry Cullum for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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