Sacred Space

Bounds’ Castleberry neighbor Diane Hause is another gallery-occupant whose curating suggests a kind of grassroots activism.

Like Bounds, Hause essentially invites the world into the welcoming and intimate space of her home in order to reach across the socioeconomic and cultural divides that can characterize life in Atlanta.

Her serene 3Ten Haustudio ( gallery is the downstairs in her spectacular three-story live/work space. Hause has featured numerous shows of her own work at the 2,400-square-foot Haustudio, where openings become multimedia events that combine musical performances, spoken word, ethnic cooking and fundraising for causesfrom Sudan’s “Lost Boys,” to Navajo weavers and Afghan women.

Hause blends Buddhism, Christianity and Islam in her mixed-media collages and paintings of “A Convergence of Faiths” through June 14. The artist gives her exploratory, spiritual treatment to an idea that weighs heavily on many minds since Sept. 11, of how to wrest meaning from an often ugly, chaotic, war-torn world.

— Felicia Feaster for Creative Loafing

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